Do you have trouble explaining the value of your services?

Perhaps one of these frustrating situations sounds familiar to you:

  • You’ve developed a groundbreaking new product…
    …but potential customers never seem to understand why it might change their lives.
  • You’ve been invited to speak at a major conference…
    …but you’ve noticed that eyes glaze over every time you address a room.
  • You’ve got grand ideas for the future of your company…
    …but they remain stuck in your head because you can’t figure out how to articulate them.

No matter your industry, your ability to connect with an audience can make the difference between winning and losing a lucrative contract, attracting new customers and seeing them go to a competitor, or receiving valuable press coverage and remaining an unknown quantity.

You can do it. Keith can show you how.

For nearly a decade, Keith’s focus has been communicating complex ideas in a way anyone can understand.

He has written white papers for Goldman Sachs that broke down and explained complicated financial instruments. He has contributed dozens of articles to top media outlets, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He has tutored more than 40 students in customized one-on-one sessions in a variety of academic subjects. He has developed fundraising campaigns and communications best practices for nonprofit organizations. And he’s appeared as an expert panelist on multiple nationally broadcast television and radio shows.

Perhaps most notably, he has helped countless math-averse Jeopardy! contestants master the game’s complicated wagering strategies on his game theory blog, The Final Wager. Several of these players went on to compete in the prestigious Tournament of Champions, crediting Keith’s instructional videos as a critical factor in their success.

In fact, Keith’s strategies were so powerful that the producers quietly changed the Jeopardy! rules for just the second time in the show’s 50-year run.

Do you want to have this kind of impact with your own work?

“[Keith’s] innovation wasn’t the theory itself but being able to describe the theory in a clear, cogent way so that even a Jeopardy! beginner like me could follow it.”

Arthur Chu, 11-time Jeopardy! champion & Tournament of Champions finalist

Let’s make things clear.

Here are some of the ways Petrichor Strategies can help you and your business:

  • Packaging the basics: What exactly do you do? Why should someone buy your product or invest in your company? While these questions (and many others!) are basic, they can be difficult to answer in simple terms. We’ll help you in identifying those answers and framing your organization’s story in ways that are engaging to your various audiences, whether they’re curious web visitors or venture capitalists.
  • Idea crystallization: You’ve got powerful notions of your company’s full potential, but you can’t figure out how to explain them—and with so much that demands your immediate attention, they remain locked in your head. We’ll help you draw out those ideas and create a roadmap that will allow you and your team to take action.
  • Culture cultivation: Low morale can have several detrimental effects, including high turnover and poor customer service. As your headcount grows, how can you ensure morale remains high and your team members remain engaged? We’ll help you develop a program to do just that.
  • Presentation skills: There’s nothing quite as intimidating as a group of eyes squarely focused on you—not only on what you have to say, but on all of your non-verbal communication, too. Whether’s it’s a room of colleagues, an auditorium of customers or a national television audience, we’ll help your staff learn how to relax and engage your listeners so they’ll be excited about what you have to offer.

Are you ready take the next step?

Few people recognize that failing to communicate clearly can be a crippling issue – and fewer still seek to correct it.

If you’re among that latter group, we’d love to help. Contact us to set up your free introductory consultation.